Jayalakshmi Eshwar Bharatanatyam Exponent

An Internationally acclaimed Bharatanatyam exponent of par-excellence, an excellent Performer, Choreographer, Teacher and an Author with an experience of more than 5 decades of dance being a leading Bharatanatyam dancer of her generation. Her glorious career has seen her transmit her education in performing Arts at "Kalkshetra" Chennai– the pioneering college of fine arts envisioned by Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale, who has been a guiding vision for Jayalakshmi. Had her Arangetram at Kalkshetra on her convocation day 1st Dec 1970 under the able guidance of Smt.Rukmini Devi Arundale.

Jayalakshmi strikes a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary interpretation, without obscuring the aesthetics of the classical idiom. She has a vast range and depth of productions, having performed in Solo, group and collaborative formats extensively in India and abroad. She is the Head of the Bharatanatyam Department at the Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, apart from having her own dance group Abhinayaa. She has also enacted as the Tanjore Dancer in the National Award Winning classical Kannada film”Hamsa Geethe” of G.V.Iyer.

*A Top Graded Artist of Doordarshan
*Empanelled (Outstanding) Artist of ICCR
*Empanelled (Outstanding | Her Group) by Dept of Culture for Festivals Abroad.

*Performances India & Abroad
Globally on stage both solo and group presentations (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, USA, Canada, Bahrain, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Australia, North Korea, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon & Syria) Besides renowned cultural organisations across India.

*India & International Dance Festival (Naming few)
- MP, Lalit Arts Festivals - Bangaluru, Choreographic Festival Delhi, Chakradhar Samoroh - Raigarh, Taj Festival, Imphal Festival by Sangeet Natak Akademi Natyanchali Festival -Chidambaram, 1000 years Thanjavur Dance Festival, Kartik Fine Arts & Nadhabrahman Festival - Chennai, Delhi Arts Festival etc.

*64th India Republic Day Celebration (Beijing and Shanghai), World Health Conference (Geneva). Temple of Fine Arts (Australia & Malaysia), Friendship Spring Festival (North Korea), Theatre Festival ( Venezuala), Festival of India (USSR & Denmark) etc.

*Innovative Choreographic Compositions ranging from ancient vedic to modern concepts for both solo and thematic group presentations like:-
Ranging from the ancient vedic to value based modern concepts for both solo and thematic groups, Jayalakshmi has presented numerous innovative productions such as Antariksha Sanchar (Evolution of Flights and Aircraft) based on the vedic text- Vymanika Shastra, Kalashruthi “Sounds of Time” ,Awakening – a work combining classical music,dance and electronic arts,Nadopasana , Nritya Rupam ,Tat Tvam Asi, Bharatam, Mystical Seven, Panchali Sabadam of Subramaniya Bharatiyar, a combination between Bharatanatyam and Hatha Yoga, Varuna - the savior of water, the fairy tale-“Snow White”(Himshweta) in Hindi for children, and many others.

*Teaching / Workshop / Dance
She has been conducting National & International workshops on Bharatanatyam and choreographed and directed many thematic dance productions both India & Abroad. An Artistic Director for International Students Day of ICCR for four years and examiner for several Indian Universities in Bharatanatyam .

Regularly giving lectures for CCRT (Centre for cultural Resources and Training, Govt Of India) Orientation Programmes conducted for All India Teachers. She is also one of the Member of the Expert Committee For Selection of School Children Items for the Republic Day Celebrations (2013 and 2014). She has taught hundreds of students over the years in India and abroad and many have completed their Arangetram (Graduation) and are well established dancers having their own dance centres .

*Development of Art Education Syllabi, Teachers Guide a publication on Art Education for National Centre for Educational Research & Technology (NCERT), Govt of India. She has released under the aegis of CIET, NCERT, Govt. of India, 25 episodes in a DVD titled "LANGUAGE OF DANCE" for children.

Her most internationally acclaimed contribution to Bharatanatyam is her four instructional books-“Bharatanatyam How To”(basic dance units), Hastha Prayogaah”(vocabulary of hand gestures) , ”Paadha Bhedhah” (vocabulary of feet movements)and “Nrithya Vidhya”(vocabulary of Head,Eyes and Neck Movements) . All the books are complete with multimedia support materials of audio and video DVDs. A further testament to her creativity, she has produced an unique educational “Card Game” based on all the classical dance forms for children.

*Awards / Honours / Recognitions by many organisions both in India & abroad. She has also been the recepient of Senior Fellowship Award of Sangeet Natak Akademi.

Residing in New-Delhi, India, she continues to perform both solo as well as group productions apart from teaching. Actively engaged and leading all her projects on all fronts whether its imagining narratives, choreographing movements, building sound compositions or designing costume and décor, Jayalakshmi creates productions that are wholesome, educational and   spiritual for audiences. Her belief is that dance is a language that everyone should have access to and enjoy as a means of communicating with others as well us knowledge based and learning about oneself and the very existence of Life and it is this belief that imparts a sense of wonder and engagement for audiences with her Dance.

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